Powertap Pedal Power Meter

Fuad Kamal November 22, 2015 0
Powertap Pedal Power Meter

Nice review of the new PowerTap Pedal based power meter.  Is it better than the Garmin Vectors? Well it doesn’t require a torque wrench
so at least it should be much easier to swap between bikes.

Whereas Vector has ample opportunities during installation to screw the pooch.  This primarily comes from specified torque ranges and the requirement for a torque wrench.  And as much as I’d like to simply say you could bring it to your local shop – I’ve seen clear evidence that local bike shops the world around screw it up more than consumers do.  Seriously, nobody reads instructions anymore.

Also the Vectors have external pods – our fearless leader Faisal has cracked his several times – while the Powertap pedals keeps everything inside the pedal.  This video really underscores how convenient these pedals are…


Also, the one review they got for their iOS app is less than spectacular.  I suppose you can do without the iPhone app, but it would be nice to see companies like this pay more attention to details like that.

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